How to Get the Most from Your Real Estate CRM

mobile appMost real estate professionals understand the importance of staying organized and keeping in touch. But some busy agents don’t prioritize a real estate CRM, either putting off choosing one, or having one and not leveraging its power. If you have a real estate CRM but aren’t using it to its fullest, this article is for you.  To make sure you’re getting maximum value from your real estate CRM, here are three tips that will help.

1. Call the Customer Support Team to help get you started

IXACT Contact understands that getting your real estate CRM set up quickly and properly is critical to success. That’s why we offer a unique Concierge Setup Service to make your life easier by helping you get started.

The real estate CRM also comes with free and unlimited telephone support. If you haven’t done this already and you’re an IXACT Contact customer, you should call our friendly support folks at 1-866-265-6990 and they will help you upload your data into the system, set up your email header and signature, configure your monthly e-Newsletter, and get your agent website set up.

The Support Reps will walk you through what to do over the phone. As soon as you get off the line, you’ll be using your CRM to send out a professionally designed and written real estate newsletter and be in a great position to start using all the other features of the system.

2. Learn with tutorial videos

It’s often much easier to learn by watching, instead of reading directions. IXACT Contact has built a library of detailed tutorial videos that you can follow along to learn on your own.

These videos show you how to assign a Listing and Closing Activity Plan, use Email Campaign Reporting, benefit from IXACT Contact’s Keep in Touch dashboard, send drip marketing campaigns, and much more. The videos aren’t very long so you won’t have to invest a whole lot of time watching them. You’ll be using some new features (that maybe you never even knew about) in no time!

3. Set out to learn a new feature each week

Practice does make perfect when it comes to learning new software. IXACT Contact is one of the easiest real estate CRM systems to learn and use (especially compared to Top Producer), so even if you can only dedicate 20-30 minutes per week to learn a new feature, that’s more than enough time. Watch the relevant tutorial video and put what you learned into practice. And if you get stuck, just call our Customer Support Team and they’ll be happy to guide you along.

If you signed up for a real estate contact management system, you are already well on your way to taking your business to the next level. Now all that needs to be done is to get the CRM’s powerful features working for you. Take the tips outlined in this article and start reaping the results of your CRM investment.

Posted on February 16, 2017 by Candace Green


NEWS RELEASE: IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM Announces Enhanced Social Media Integration

IXACT Contact announced today the addition of Social Intelligence to the real estate CRM.

This new feature enables real estate professionals further understand their leads and contacts by gathering information from contacts’ various public social media profiles. Social Intelligence searches over 100 publicly available sources to locate contacts’ data, helping keep the agent’s CRM data fresh and accurate. Social Intelligence will also capture and display each contact’s photo directly in the contact profile page, and when there is more than one photo for a contact, the agent can choose which one to display.

Social Intelligence Example

IXACT Contact has a long history of encouraging real estate agents to build meaningful relationships with leads and past clients by noting important details in the Contact Profile. With Social Intelligence, real estate agents have the benefit of viewing contacts’ interests, employment history, age, and social media bio’s, all from within the CRM at the click of a button. This added level of insight provides agents with context and knowledge that will lead to more meaningful interactions with real estate leads and past clients.

“The addition of Social Intelligence provides real estate agents with further insight into their leads and past clients, “says Rich Gaasenbeek, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, “it’s a powerful feature included in IXACT Contact’s solution to help agents build stronger relationships that lead to more business.”

According to Global Web Index, there are over 2.307 billion active social media users online. The information shared publicly by these real estate prospects can now be drawn directly into IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM.

Existing customers of IXACT Contact already have access to Social Intelligence. Real estate agents who would like to try IXACT Contact and the new social media integration can start a free 60-Day trial.

Posted on February 9, 2017

Choosing a Real Estate CRM

choosing a real estate crmAs a real estate agent, you likely understand the benefits of using a CRM to manage your contacts. A real estate CRM keeps you organized and helps you stay in touch. There are so many CRM options available for agents, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. Each different platform offers its own list of features and functionality, making it tricky to decide which one is best for you. How do you compare CRM options to choose the one with the best value for your business?

Where are you getting your real estate leads?

There are some real estate CRMs that are tied to a single platform, and there are other CRMs that accept leads from multiple sources. Where do the majority of your real estate leads come from? This is an important question because if your CRM is tied to a single platform, but you generate leads from other sources, you may have to do a lot of manual entry. If you generate leads from multiple sources, make sure your real estate CRM can automatically capture leads so you aren’t stuck entering leads all day.

Are you a single real estate agent or do you have a team?

This is a big question that many agents don’t ask themselves when looking at real estate CRMs. Do you have an administrative assistant? Do you have showing assistants or buyers agents? Do you not have any of those things but have plans on adding them? Then you need to make sure your real estate CRM is team-friendly. You don’t want to put a ton of time and energy into getting your real estate CRM perfect, only to find out it won’t grow with you. Choose a real estate CRM that works for individual agents or a team CRM, depending on your needs.

How computer savvy are you?

There are real estate CRMs that would be terrific for everything that you need, but if you aren’t computer savvy then you won’t be able to accomplish what you want. Some of the highest powered CRMs are wonderful, but there is a HUGE learning curve and the average person may not be able to get them working effectively. Make sure not to get in over your head. Choose a CRM that is easy to learn and use.

Does the real estate CRM include other valuable services?

When it comes to your real estate CRM, the more value it offers, the better! Investigate the services and add ons available with your real estate CRM, and whether there is additional costs for them. Some systems come with drip email marketing and agent website solutions. Do some research to make sure you understand the pricing system so you’re getting the best bang for your buck!

When you’re researching real estate CRMs, you’re looking for the one that will work for you, rather than you working for it.  These questions are a terrific jumping off point to help you understand what features you require from a CRM and, eventually, which CRM is best for you.  What better time to start a FREE trial with IXACT Contact, an easy to use real estate CRM that can help you get organized, staying in touch and focused.


Posted on February 7, 2017

How to Convert Online Real Estate Leads Into Sales


As a real estate professional, you probably put a lot of thought into lead generation. But once you’ve generated those real estate leads, how are you converting them into sales and commissions? I’m sharing this post from Adwerx that originally appeared on RETechnology. I liked the actionable tips for how to convert online real estate leads into sales.

The prevalence of online lead generation is certainly good news for real estate agents, but a lead is really just the start of something bigger. Converting those leads into satisfied customers is the real prize. While online leads share many similarities with leads from traditional sources, there are also a few key differences. Understanding those differences will help you make the most of your valuable prospecting time, maximize the return on your lead generation budget, and earn plenty of new real estate business in the process.

Tips for Converting Online Real Estate Leads

Follow Up Fast – It may be cliché to say “strike while the iron is hot,” but in this case the cliché is spot on. The longer you wait to establish direct contact with an online lead, the lower your chances are of converting them. Keep track of the tools that you use for lead generation, and make it a point to follow up with any leads as quickly as you can. Set aside time each day to check and follow up on leads.

IXACT Contact Tip: Use your real estate CRM to automatically capture your online leads and add them to your CRM. Your new leads can automatically receive an email from you immediately, so you’re following up quickly without manually writing the message for each lead.

Consider the Source

There are a ton of different platforms for online lead generation marketing and looking at where a lead comes from can help you determine the best way to reply. If a person sends you specific contact information, then you’ve already got the best way to follow up. If they just drop you a quick “hello” note on Facebook, then by all means follow up on their social channel of choice. Basically, you want to make it as easy as possible to connect.

IXACT Contact Tip: The contact profile section in your real estate CRM is the perfect place to keep notes on your leads. You’ll be able to see quickly exactly where this lead came from, and adjust how you connect with them accordingly.

Ask Questions and Listen

Asking questions shows that you care about the prospect’s unique situation, and listening to their answers will help you come up with a plan to convert. It’s also a great idea to encourage the prospect to ask questions of their own. It gives you a chance to demonstrate your expertise and the value that you provide to your clients.

Set a Signature

Your email signature is like an online business card, and it should be included in every message you send. Include your full contact information, so that leads always know how to reach you in the way that’s most convenient for them. With a good signature, every message you send has the chance to generate a lead.

IXACT Contact Tip: Use IXACT Contact to set up a professional, attractive email signature. Your signature will appear on all the drip and mass emails you send out through the system, so your leads always know how to get in touch with you.

Keep in Touch

This is a big one. No matter where a lead comes from, it’s hard to convert anyone overnight. Just as with any other type of lead, it’s important to be persistent without being overbearing. Find excuses to stay in touch, even if it’s just to ask if there’s anything you can do to help. You want them to think of your name first when it’s time to do business.

IXACT Contact Tip: Drip email messages and a monthly e-Newsletter are terrific ways to stay top of mind and keep in touch with your real estate leads. IXACT Contact comes pre-loaded with all the content you need to effectively keep in touch. Phone call reminders will also let you know when it’s time to reach out to your lead on the phone.

Offer Value

Every real estate agent has a unique personality and value comes in many forms. It’s important to be reliable, accountable and authentic, no matter what else you do to offer value. Clients are trusting you with a major financial decision, and they want attention to detail. Beyond that, your value comes from the way you do business, your personality, and the expertise you’ve built over time. Lean on every asset, and show them why you’re the right choice.

IXACT Contact Tip: Provide your real estate leads with value through useful content in your emails and on your blog. Another wonderful way to offer value to your leads is by maintaining a Business Directory of local professionals you can recommend.

Start converting your online real estate leads into clients with help from IXACT Contact. Get your FREE 5 week trial now!

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Best Methods for Getting Real Estate Testimonials


Your real estate website, social media posts, and local advertising are a few of the marketing pieces that generate leads for your real estate business. But testimonials are the powerful social proof that your prospects crave.

Are you leveraging the power of testimonials from your happy clients? Comments from home buyers and sellers who have worked with you are the proof that prospective clients need to feel confident that you’re the agent for them.

Here are some of the best ways to get strong real estate testimonials for your business:

  1. “Listen” on social media

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are terrific sources for collecting real estate marketing ideas, connecting with prospects and sharing your personal brand.  When you receive a positive comment from a happy client, be sure to send them your thanks and ask if they would agree to you using their comment as a testimonial.  Even if it wasn’t their intention to write a testimonial, you may find that most people will agree to you repurposing their comment in your marketing materials.

  1. Host appreciation events for past clients

Client appreciation events are a wonderful way to keep in touch with your past clients and ensure they remember who you are. An event could be anything from a family movie night, ice skating afternoon, BBQ, or wine and cheese party. An event is a nice way to have face-to-face interactions with your past clients (which can even lead to referrals!). While you’re mingling with your past clients, requesting a testimonial can come up quite naturally in conversation. Let your past clients know that testimonials are helpful for your business and ask them if they’d be willing to contribute.

  1. Make it a Contest

When offered an opportunity to win, your past clients will be even more likely to provide you with a testimonial! Use your real estate CRM to send a mass email to all past clients asking them to provide you with a testimonial about their experience with you as their real estate agent.  Let them know that those who contribute will be entered in a draw for a gift card at a local restaurant (or another prize of your choosing).  Be sure to let contestants know that you’ll be using their testimonial in your real estate marketing materials.

  1. Survey clients on their experience after closing

After the paperwork is signed and your clients are happily residing in their new home, try asking if they’re willing to fill in a short survey on their experience with you as their agent.  Provide your client with a simple questionnaire with questions, and include a portion where they can enter their own comments.  A survey like this offers you insight into your business’s strengths and weaknesses, plus positive comments can be spun into testimonials with permission from your clients.

Leverage your Real Estate Testimonials

Once you’ve collected testimonials from your happy clients, it’s time to start sharing them with your prospects!  Your website is a great place to share testimonials. With IXACT Contact’s Agent Websites, it’s easy to set up a page dedicated to sharing testimonials about your business. You can also share your social proof by posting testimonials on Facebook, tweeting it to your followers, including it in your mass emails or email signatures, and adding them to Just Listed/ Just Sold e-Flyers.  Testimonials are powerful proof of your success as a real estate professional, so share them everywhere you can!

The takeaway

Testimonials act as social proof reassuring prospects that you’re a reputable real estate professional.  Think outside the box when it comes to gathering comments from happy clients and spread the word by adding testimonials to your marketing materials and social media channels.

IXACT Contact real estate CRM can help you when it comes to sending mass emails requesting testimonials, saving notes about comments your clients have made, and easily adding a testimonials page to your website. Start your FREE 60-Day trial now!

Posted on January 31, 2017

Setting More Real Estate Appointments


 Appointments with real estate leads are an important part of the life of a real estate agent. It’s the starting point for a sale. But how do you get leads to agree to meet with you? It takes strategy, perseverence, and motivation. To gain more real estate appointments, you must not fear rejection! Every “no” brings you one step closer to a “YES”.

Real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith has terrific strategies for how to secure more real estate appointments, and stay positive through the process. Bruce writes:

Here are five critical insights to help you set more appointments this week:

1. Remember it is a “numbers game” – the more contacts you make, the more opportunity you will have to ask for the appointment. Up your game – 20 per day is a good minimum.

2. Keep asking the 3 motivation questions over and over… Where would you like to move to? When do you want to do that? What’s prompting your move?

3. Follow-up aggressively…3 rules: Every lead must have a mark over date, every lead must be called on that date (NO Excuses), & every daily schedule must have a 30 minute “lead follow-up” time slot to ensure no one gets missed.

4. If they’re hesitating, get them off the fence… “Mr./Mrs. Buyer/Seller… I’m curious, what specifically is preventing you from moving forward at this time?” Handle the objection and set an appointment.

5. Don’t wait for them to say yes – ask for the appointment every time – “I could see you today at 3 PM or would 5:30 PM be better?” More rejection will result in more appointments – guaranteed.

Remember, the number of contacts you make every day is important BUT much more important is meeting the challenge of SETTING AN APPOINTMENT EVERY DAY. Make setting a new appointment your principal focus and you will be very successful. NO Excuses.

Use IXACT Contact to help you keep in touch regularly with your contacts and remind you of your upcoming appointments. Start your FREE 60-day trial now!

Posted on January 26, 2017 by Bruce Keith

Build Your Real Estate CRM Database with 4 Easy Steps


Posted on January 24, 2017 by Candace Green