Setting More Real Estate Appointments


 Appointments with real estate leads are an important part of the life of a real estate agent. It’s the starting point for a sale. But how do you get leads to agree to meet with you? It takes strategy, perseverence, and motivation. To gain more real estate appointments, you must not fear rejection! Every “no” brings you one step closer to a “YES”.

Real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith has terrific strategies for how to secure more real estate appointments, and stay positive through the process. Bruce writes:

Here are five critical insights to help you set more appointments this week:

1. Remember it is a “numbers game” – the more contacts you make, the more opportunity you will have to ask for the appointment. Up your game – 20 per day is a good minimum.

2. Keep asking the 3 motivation questions over and over… Where would you like to move to? When do you want to do that? What’s prompting your move?

3. Follow-up aggressively…3 rules: Every lead must have a mark over date, every lead must be called on that date (NO Excuses), & every daily schedule must have a 30 minute “lead follow-up” time slot to ensure no one gets missed.

4. If they’re hesitating, get them off the fence… “Mr./Mrs. Buyer/Seller… I’m curious, what specifically is preventing you from moving forward at this time?” Handle the objection and set an appointment.

5. Don’t wait for them to say yes – ask for the appointment every time – “I could see you today at 3 PM or would 5:30 PM be better?” More rejection will result in more appointments – guaranteed.

Remember, the number of contacts you make every day is important BUT much more important is meeting the challenge of SETTING AN APPOINTMENT EVERY DAY. Make setting a new appointment your principal focus and you will be very successful. NO Excuses.

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Posted on January 26, 2017 by Bruce Keith

Build Your Real Estate CRM Database with 4 Easy Steps


Posted on January 24, 2017 by Candace Green

5 Secrets to More Real Estate Listings


For many agents, getting more real estate listings is the number one thought on their mind. Competition is increasing, and time seems to be a constant challenge! That’s why I’m pleased to share these key secrets to getting more real estate listings with you. The tips were prepared by Dr Maya Baily and first appeared on REM. I think there is something here that can help inspire any real estate agent, helping you achieve your best year yet!

Step 1 – Replace self-limiting beliefs with empowered ones.

If you’re feeling all stuck in your business or if there’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, the reason is that you are carrying around some inner blocks. We all have them. In the course of your conditioning you learned to doubt yourself and this lowered your self-confidence.

Here’s what you need to know for yourself: All the patterns you see in yourself, your business and in your life like procrastination, disorganization and avoidance of prospecting, are all results of the self-limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind.

For example when it comes to beliefs about yourself, most people have these:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I have to be perfect to be okay.

You may not feel these on a conscious level. If you do feel them on a conscious level, you may not feel them 100 per cent of the time. In fact you may only feel them one per cent of the time, but they are still affecting you.

How much do you resonate with the beliefs that I just mentioned?

An example of some empowered beliefs you can replace these with are:

  • I am more than good enough
  • The only person’s approval I need is my own
  • It’s now safe for me to be highly visible.

Your beliefs create your reality. Therefore, if you believe that success is going to be very hard, then you will create a life in which you’ll have to struggle a lot to be successful.  Your subconscious mind is holding you back from prospecting to protect you, because it has all these self-limiting beliefs.

The good news is these beliefs are not facts and they can be changed.

Step 2 – See yourself as the “giver”.

When you are prospecting, you are the “giver”. Install this empowered belief: “I have a valuable service to offer and people are lucky to hear from me.”

Also install this one: “There is no such thing as rejection. It is a match or it’s not a match.”

Step 3 – Be proactive in prospecting.

It’s so important in today’s market to be proactive in prospecting. It doesn’t work to just wait for the phone to ring.

Always call your past clients with a purpose. Let your past clients know that you are a good referral source for reliable independent contractors such as plumbers, electricians and handymen. Just let them know that if they need someone, they can contact you and you’ll be happy to match them up with somebody who is appropriate for their needs.

They will appreciate your offer. You’ve put yourself in their stream of consciousness. Every time they think of real estate your name pops up.

Step 4 – Get testimonials from current clients.

Don’t forget that current clients who are praising you for your service become a great referral source for you. Here’s what you can do: the next time they start raving about you and telling you how great you are, start writing down what they are saying. Ask them to elaborate and ask them to be specific. You will probably end up with a paragraph of valuable statements.

Ask them if it’s okay if you use this endorsement, then send this to them for their approval. If they approve, tell them that you would like to be able to use this testimonial for your portfolio. Reassure them that you will be not be giving away their name, you will just use initials.

These portfolio testimonials can be so valuable to you in so many different ways. Yet most real estate professionals fail to do this important step. Use these testimonials in your portfolio, brochure and website.

Step 5 – Project optimism.

Go into every conversation with a prospective client with optimism and enthusiasm. This is the time to bring them the good news they been waiting for. Good news for buyers because interest rates are still low and good news for sellers because of the number of buyers who are still interested.

Take advantage of the market and use these secrets to get your listings now.


Did any of these 5 tips resonate with you? A positive attitude and solid relationship with current and past clients can work wonders for your real estate career.

Make use of the tools available to help you achieve your goals this year. A powerful real estate CRM can help you stay organized, keep in touch, and manage your time better. Prepare for your best year yet with IXACT Contact real estate CRM.

Posted on January 19, 2017

How to Get Leads from Your Real Estate Website

best realtor websiteThe numbers are in, and they’ve proven that real estate websites are crucial for agents who want to close more sales and make more commissions. In fact, last year over 240 million unique users visited real estate websites (RealTrends). With a search volume like that, savvy real estate professionals are recognizing the importance of a solid web presence.

Creating your own real estate website is the first step towards boosting your business, but it doesn’t stop there. For your website to be worthwhile, it needs to be generating quality leads for your business. Here are some of the best ways to ensure your real estate website is driving leads:

Get real estate leads by being mobile friendly.

Studies have shown that 40% of the 240 million visitors who visit real estate websites come using a mobile device; that’s a huge portion! Perhaps your website is a masterpiece on a destop computer, but have you checked how it looks on a iPhone or tablet? To get more real estate leads, your website should display properly on any device, making you more accessible and removing any roadblocks for your website visitor. A mobile friendly website should be a priority.  If your site isn’t mobile optimized now, it’s time to make a change.

Get more leads with quality website content.

Not every real estate agent has a knack for writing online copy – and that’s ok! Text written for real estate websites needs to be engaging, clear, brief and professional.  If writing isn’t your strong suit, your website may be turning visitors off as soon as they start to read it. Opt for the help of a professional writer or a website provider that includes quality, professionally written content to engage your website visitors.

Get real estate leads by blogging regularly.

Have you ever visited a blog online in hopes of finding interesting tips, and instead been greeted by an outdated post from 2009?  An inactive blog gives website visitors the impression that you’re an inactive real estate professional. By blogging regularly, you’ll prove yourself to be in touch, on top of trends, and entice more visitors to share and re-visit your site!  Don’t have the time to update your blog regularly? Check out a real estate website provider that comes with pre-written blog content on a regular basis.

Get more leads by presenting consistent branding.

Some real estate agents are satisfied by having a generic page within their broker’s website.  These pages usually include a tiny headshot and vague contact information. The buried pages are not very eye-catching for prospects – that is if your prospects can find it at all! Your real estate website is an extension of who you are as a agent, and it should reflect you!  Make sure your website is customized with the images, logos, colors, and videos that align with your personal brand.  This will help your prospects recognize and trust you thanks to your cohesive, professional marketing presence.

Capture the leads you’ve generated effectively.

The scary truth is that many agents don’t have a lead generation problem, they have a lead capturing problem! Is it possible that you’re already generating leads with your real estate website, but fail to capture those leads and convert them into clients? Some agents use websites that notify them by email when a lead comes in, but in the midst of daily tasks, it’s all too easy for that lead to be forgotten or lost in an email inbox.  A surefire solution to this problem is to use a real estate website that automatically captures your leads and populates them in your real estate CRM for you.  You can begin nurturing your new leads by email automatically by assigning them to a targeted lead nurture campaign.  A good CRM will include campaigns specific for buyers, sellers, renters, and more! For more long-term nurturing, you can even assign your leads to receive your Monthly eNewsletter. Getting in touch ASAP is crucial, and by capturing leads effectively you’ll be in touch and avoid misplacing leads.


A good Realtor website can drive online leads for your business. Remember to ensure your website is mobile friendly, well-written, regularly updated and displays your listings.

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Just Give Your Real Estate Clients What They Want

2015.06-2 (1).png

Real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith has a special way of inspiring real estate agents. His motivating content casts new light on the business, and that’s why I’m happy to share this post with you that originally appeared on REM. Bruce writes:

In his great little book Anything You Want, author Derek Sivers provides his secret to success. He explains how he built his company CD Baby to a $100 million enterprise in 10 years by simply finding out “what your customers want and then give it to them!”

Well-known business philosopher and equally successful author Seth Godin offers the clues to finding out what our clients want. Seth says our customers typically want three things: results, thrills and ego.

Godin’s answer is very intriguing. Is it really that simple? Most truths usually are. Let’s look at each of the three “wants” he identified:

1. Results.

Sales are all about solving problems/meeting needs. If you solve the customer’s problem, you get the sale. When your product serves a need, your customer will buy.

At the same time, what makes selling real estate really interesting is that sometimes the customer doesn’t know specifically what they want. It is your job to help them see this. Be sure you don’t get the “cart before the horse”. (“Mr. /Mrs. Buyer [or Seller] could you tell me more about what you want? If everything worked out exactly according to plan – what will the end result look like?”)

It is very important that you don’t offer a solution until each of you understands what the end goal looks like. Once that is accomplished and when you provide results, your customer is happy.

2. Thrills.

This is a much less tangible item than results. Nevertheless, thrills are significant components to the success of the sales process. Thrills can come in many different forms. Are you pleasant to work with? Do you offer an exciting vision? Does the buying decision provide inspiration?

We have all felt the enthusiasm when someone says to us, “I just bought a new car!” Do your customers feel that way when they work with you? Help your customer feel the thrill of buying/selling when they do business with you.

Start by bringing your energy to the process and give them hope. Hope is all about making the comparison between “here’s what is now and here’s what is possible.” The end result is that you are in a position to create a great experience for your customer.

3. Ego.

Everyone wants to feel important. Clearly this is all about their ego… not yours! Every customer’s ego needs to be acknowledged. Addressing ego is not about being patronizing or fawning over your customer. It’s about treating them with respect, serving their needs, setting reasonable expectations and then meeting those expectations.

Much of the ego issue can be addressed by honing your skills by asking great questions and showing enthusiasm in your performance. Ask powerful questions such as:

“What’s the next step for you?”

“Sounds great… Could you tell me more about that?”

“How important would that be to you?”

“Can I tell you how we could make that happen for you?”

By doing so and paying close attention to their answers, you can really hone in on how to best serve your client’s needs. When you validate the client in this way you are really demonstrating your intention to perform at the highest level.

Start every day with the intention of performing these three functions for all of your customers. You can count on one thing… the more effectively you do so, the more sales you will make. The experience you bring to the sales process is what creates positive memories, repeat business and the all-important referrals.

Make sure you are having fun. Make sure you are enjoying your profession. If you enjoy it, they will too. It’s all about results, thrills and ego. Just give it to them. No excuses.

Posted on January 12, 2017

4 Marketing Automation Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Real Estate Business

Concept of teamwork

While we haven’t quite gotten to the point of robot personal assistants (remember Rosie the robot maid on the Jetsons?) technology has added a lot of features to make our lives easier.

For real estate professionals, this technology has taken form in several different ways you can automate your business. When you’re not bogged down by administrative tasks, or overwhelmed by dozens of sticky note reminders, you have more time to focus on what you do best: helping clients buy and sell homes.

If you aren’t taking advantage of marketing automation opportunities, you may be losing valuable time. Even worse, you might be letting quality real estate leads fall through the cracks and be missing out on commissions.

Here are the top 4 marketing automation mistakes that you might be making that can hurt your real estate business.

Mistake 1: Manually typing out emails.

You probably know that email has revolutionized the way we communicate these days. Perhaps email is already a part of your strategy for keeping in touch with your real estate leads and past clients.

If you’re manually typing out emails to keep in touchwith your contacts, you’re spending a lot of valuable time drafting those messages.

Automated nurture emails are a secret weapon for top producing real estate professionals. Your emails will be delivered at regular intervals and convey a relevant message to your contacts, whether they’re buyers, sellers, FSBOs or renters.

IXACT Contact real estate CRM comes pre-loaded with email templates ready to be sent. When you assign a contact to an email campaign, you can rest easy knowing that they will receive email messages from you on a regular basis, helping you keep in touch without having to type a word!

Mistake 2: Creating your own eNewsletter.

ipad-enewsMost real estate agents recognize the value of sending a monthly communication to leads and past clients. It’s a nice way to add value, share knowledge, and gently remind them that you’re there to help with their real estate needs.

But in the midst of all your daily tasks, do you have time to write up quality articles and lay them out in an attractive design? Not likely.

An automated eNewsletter is a powerful way to keep in touch on a monthly basis, establish you as an expert in all things real estate and home ownership, and remind your contacts of who you are.

IXACT Contact comes with a professionally written and designed monthly eNewsletter, that you can choose to automatically go out to your contacts on the day of your choice each month. You can send the eNewsletter as it is, or customize it. This simple “set it and forget it” feature has the capacity to revolutionize your business with automation!

Mistake 3: Making “mental notes” of important dates.

We’ve all been guilty of forgetting an important birthday or anniversary. It’s so difficult to remember special dates for close family and friends, let alone your network of real estate contacts!

Don’t make the mistake of relying on your memory or your scribbled sticky notes when it comes to important dates. Reaching out with warm wishes is one of the best ways to build your relationship, so make sure you take advantage of it!

Again, it’s automation to the rescue! IXACT Contact real estate CRM can automatically send you reminders of your contacts’ birthdays and move in anniversaries. Acting like your personal assistant, these reminders will help you stay in touch more effectively, and make your contacts feel special.

Mistake 4: Letting tasks slip through the cracks.

drip-emailDuring busy seasons in real estate, you have a lot on the go. And forgetting an appointment or to complete a task is an error that can cost you a commission.

With IXACT Contact’s Active Business functionality, you can track important property and listing details, key dates, showings information, and more. Automated reminders will notify you of when it’s time to complete your tasks, so nothing falls through the cracks.

The Active Business area of IXACT Contact acts like your virtual transaction coordinator, keeping you organized and in control, and allowing you to handle more business more professionally than you ever thought possible.


Are you making the most of the marketing automation tools available to you as a real estate professional?

Keep in touch more consistently with automated emails and monthly eNewsletters, and stay on top of important dates and tasks with automated reminders. These are just a few of the ways IXACT Contact can help you stay in control of your business.

Get started now. Start your free 60 Days trial of IXACT Contact.

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Cartel Gunmen Fire at Border Patrol Agent in Arizona


Unknown cartel gunmen operating in a known drug smuggling corridor in Southern Arizona fired multiple shots at an on-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent overnight.

Breitbart Texas has been able to confirm that the shots struck the agent’s vehicle. The federal law enforcement officer was not struck by the gunfire.

UPDATE — 8 p.m. MST: U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials provided the following update:

An agent assigned to a mobile surveillance unit near Hereford Road heard several shots fired and observed two unknown individuals with a rifle at a distance. An unoccupied Border Patrol vehicle next to the surveillance unit was struck by bullets. The agent was not injured and did not return fire.

Multiple Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and law enforcement responded to the area in an effort to locate the suspects. The suspects fled the area on foot and have not been located.

The agent was patrolling the area near the Brian Terry station in southern Arizona when unknown gunmen began firing. Cochise County Sheriff’s deputies and other Border Patrol agents arrived to the scene to carry out a manhunt for the suspected cartel gunmnen.

Arizona local law enforcement officials confirmed they were not able to apprehend the cartel gunmen but continue investigating the attack.

The Brian Terry station honors the name of a U.S. Border Patrol agent who was killed in a gun battle trying to apprehend a group of Mexican cartel gunmen who had been trying to steal a drug load from a rival smuggling group.

Border Patrol agents are the most assaulted federal law enforcement officers, Border Patrol  Commissioner Mark Morgan aid in testimony before the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee in November. Nearly 150 Border Patrol agents were assaulted during the first two months of fiscal year 2017 which began in October, Breitbart Texas reported. This represents an increase of more than 230 percent over the same period of time in the prior year. Nearly 7,500 Border Patrol agents have been assaulted since 2009 tU.S. Customs and Border Protection officials reported. “It’s a dangerous job,” Morgan stated.

by Ildefonso Ortiz and Brandon Darby